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Shenzhen Tomile Furniture Co., Ltd
Tomile is a brand of quality furniture We are a manufacturer and an online store retailer based in China



Tomile is a furniture company specializing in the development and production of chairs. We are committed to creating a variety of classic, comfortable and beautiful chairs for a more comfortable experience.                                                                                                                                                                  Our chairs are made of natural solid wood. Each part is complete, without breaks and splicing. It is formed by high-end hot bending technology, making the chair more beautiful and durable. Tomile chair is the first choice, you deserve to have.

Our main sales product is the wishbone chair. The Wishbone Chair has been finished for more than 70 years. But the price of the original version is too expensive. The founder of the company, Mr. Wang, likes the structure of the wishbone chair very much. Decided to personally join the research and development, drill into the factory, from selecting wood.polishing wood to writing coding and designing the machine, every step is done by self. Compared with the original version, it is 95% similar. We founded Tomile to hope that every family can spend the least money on high-quality furniture.High quality and affordable is our brand label. We call on everyone not to focus on the brand but the value of the product itself!   Thanks for reading!Best Wishes!
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I want to say that your products are very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service. -- Adela

We trust the quality of your products. It always the best. Keep this going, and we will establish a long-term trade relationship with you. -- Charlie Bingham